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Dr. Parag Kalkar


"Education embedded with information and communication technology paves the robust way for creating a just and equitable society. Ultimately, quality of life of the people is dependent on the quality of education they receive.It also contributes in creating the cultural fabric of the nation".

  • Savitribai Phule Pune University believes that education and technology are excellent equalizers. As we all are aware, Maharashtra has a glorious legacy and tradition of educationists and social reformers. The thoughts and values propounded by them would continue to go a long way in order to inspire the University to excel in all her student-centric activities.
  • In an effort to contribute to national development, we need to utilize our physical and human assets in the most effective way. We need to co-create an eco-system of inclusion. In this process, we also require to take special efforts to foster global competencies among our students. Hence, our curriculum, pedagogies, evaluation, research and outreach activities should be perfectly in sync with societal needs and national goals.
  • Therefore, it would not be out of place to appeal all the stakeholders to remain constantly and pro-actively connected with the University. The constructive and creative dialogue between the University and the stakeholders enhances the students’ satisfaction to a great extent. Such satisfaction plays a crucial role in the mental make-up of our students who are doubtlessly going to be the leading taskforce of a New India.








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