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Estate Section
Shri. R. V. Patil
Executive Engineer
Estate Section

Phone : 25601164

Shri. D. N. Tupekar
Executive Engineer (Project)
Estate Section

Phone : 25601127
  • The University Engineer shall perform the duties assigned to him by the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar from time to time.

  • The University Engineer shall assist the Registrar/Deputy Registrar and shall be under the control of the Registrar

  • In exercise of his powers as University Engineer, he shall be responsible for the entire construction work of the University building.

  • He shall assist the Registrar or any other officer responsible for calling Building Committee meeting and meetings related to the Committee and preparing minutes of the same.

  • He shall be responsible for the entire maintenance of the university buildings, calling quotations, preparing blue prints etc. and overall responsible for the entire staff working under him.

  • He shall be responsible for the work for which payment is made on his recommendation.

  • He should submit the account of projects undertaken for storing the material and for the upkeep of stores/University Buildings etc.

  • He should inspect all the buildings periodically and submit his report to the Registrar/Vice Chancellor regarding state of building state of buildings repairs, modifications, water proofing/electrical fittings and fixtures and shall supervise construction/repair work as and when undertaken.

  • He will have all powers duties and responsibilities as the Deputy Registrar stated above of respect of the staff working under him.

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