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Records & Meetings Section

Dr. Prasad V. Kulkarni,
Deputy Registrar
Records & Meetings Section/Election Section

Phone : 25601117

Records and Meeting Section conducts meetings of the Senate and the Management Council and issues circular number to the circular issued by various departments / sections of the University.

University’s important authorities in relation to administration , financial , educational and development are the Senate and the Management Council.

Meeting of the Management Council

  • The Management Council is the principal executive authority to formulate statutes and forward the same to the Senate for approval and make Ordinances to administer the affairs of the University and shall carry out all such duties which are not specifically assigned to any other authority.

  • Meetings of the Management Council :
    The procedure to conduct meeting and powers of the Management Council are given in Section 27 and 28 of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994.

  • The Meeting is decided all Item & preparation of Agenda and Sending it to all members after approval of Honorable Vice-Chancellor and under signature of the Registrar.


  • Meeting of the Senate is held as per the provisions of section 25 (4) of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994.

  • The procedure to conduct meeting of the Senate is mentioned in the Statute No. 46 to 110.

  • The meeting of the Senate held twice in a year.

  • The meeting held in the month of March every year shall be Annual Meeting, which shall consider and approve Budget estimates, Statement of Accounts, Auditors Report, if any, and Annual Report of the University. The Second meeting is convened within a period of eight months of the Annual Meeting.

  • The Senate shall be the principal authority for all financial estimates and budgetary appropriations and for providing Social feedback to the University on current and future programmers’.
    Maintain permanent record of Agendas and Minutes of the above authorities.

Maintain record of University Circulars issued by the various Administrative Sections / Departments of the University, year wise and issue Circular numbers to them.


  • Election to any authority or body of the University is conduct by the Election Section. The procedure of nomination / co-option on various authorities or body of the University is also conducted by the Election Section.

  • Organize the meeting of the Standing Committee for filling vacancies occurred in the office of a member of any authority or body of the University before the expiry of his normal term.

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