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Goals Of Bhimsen Joshi Chair

Goals Of the Chair

  • The Propagation of Indian Classical Music
  • To start distance learning cources for music lovers
  • To arrange lec-dems on music
  • To promote young artists to perform at different places in Maharashtra.
  • To organize semi classical music program

University of Pune has allotted a separate Bungalow, (No. A-11, behind the Estate Office, close to Lalit Kala Kendra) for the purpose of carrying out all the activities related to the CHAIR. The interest accrued on the one time grant received from the State Government for the CHAIR will be utilized for the following programmes:

  1. Guru in Residence
    Eminent Gurus in the field of Hindustani Music will be invited to stay on the campus for a certain period to interact with music students of Lalit Kala Kendra, other music students of Pune City or from places nearby. Music Teachers and Junior Gurus of Lalit Kala Kendra will also be invited.

  2. Music Acquaintance Programmes : (Classical Music Appreciation Programmes)
    To organise 'Music Acquaintance Programmes' all over the state for the benefit of young college students from streams other than music, who are interested in understanding the basic nature of Indian Classical Music.

  3. Concerts of Budding Artistes:
    To organise concerts of young and upcoming classical singers and instrumentalists all over the state, in association with local music groups.

  4. Library:
    To create a small library of books related to the field, audio-video cassettes and CDs. Besides, the CHAIR tends to support publications of books on music and to do the audio-video documentation of senior Gurus for archival purpose .

  5. Research Projects:
    To carry out research in the field of Hindustani Music. Students doing Ph.D. at the Centre for Performing Arts. Eminent scholars and musicologists will be supported to carry out their Research programmes .

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