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Report Of Bhimsen Joshi Chair

A Brief Report on the Activities of the Bhimsen Joshi Chair

After receiving the one time grant from the State Department of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra in March 1998, Bhimsen Joshi Chair gave a serious thought to its aims and objectives and started practically implementing it by conducting various music related programmes at various places in Maharashtra.

Music Appreciation Programmes

Bhimsen Joshi Chair, in association with local cultural institutes and music groups of Maharashtra, organised workshops for the students of different streams who are interested in Hindustani Classical Music. Past students of Lalit Kala Kendra, Sameer Dublay and Nitin Amin conducted the 'Shastriya Sangeet Rasagrahan Varga' at various places in Maharashtra.

9th-11th Oct '98
Gayan Samaj Deval Club, Kolhapur.

30th Oct-1st Nav '98
Sangeet Kala Academy, Nashik

13th-15th Nav'98
Vasantraa Achrekar Sanskrutik Pratishthan,
Kankavli (Dist. Sindbudurg)

26, 27, 28 Feb. '99 (Scheduled)
8 Yashvantrao Chavan Smriti Samaroh Samiti, Ambejagai

Three music appreciation programs will be conducted during academic year 2013-14.
1) Ahamadnagar
2) Aurangabad
3) Nashik

Classical Music Concerts

In association with Yashvantrao Pratishthan, Mumbai, Bhimsen Joshi Chair started presenting Monthly Concert Rangswar, at Chavan Centre, Mumbai to promote budding artistes of the state. Following past students of Lalit Kala Kendra performed under this scheme:

  1. Sameer Dublay, 17th Dec '98

  2. Mugdha Bhat, 28th Jan '99

  3. Mohan Darekar, 17th Feb. '99

Along with the students of Lalit Kala Kendra, many eminent artists also performed at Lalit Kala Kendra and conducted workshops on some important issues of Hindusthani Music.

Some of them are:
Smt. Padma Talwalkar, Smt. Shubhada Paradkar, Dr. Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Pt. Satyasheel Deshpande, Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh, Ustad Said-ud-din Dagar, Pt. Balasaheb Punchhwale and so on.

Classical music of Pt. Yadavraj Phad will be organized on 4th Feb. 2014. All are invited.

Special events and Projects :-

Year 2009-10

31 July 09 -2 August 09

‘Mukta Sangeet Charchasatra’ A collaborative lec-Dem. Programme with ‘Ganawardhan’ and Lalit Kala Kendra.

1) Pt. Ronu Mujamdar [well known flutest]

2) Pt. Ajay Pohankar [Reknown vocalist]

3) Shri Anil Mohile [Reknown Music Director]

22 Sept. 09

Instrumental concert

I) Satar – Shakir Parwaiz

II) Tabla solo - Pt. Suresh Talwalkar

6 Oct. 09

Vocal Music Workshop by Pt. Babanrao Haldankar

9 Oct. 09

Shivanand Music Festival, Aundh, Satara. A collaborative Programme with Shivanand Prathistan, Dombiwali.

5 to 27 Nov. 09

Vasantrao Achrekar Pratishan, Kankawli and concert by workshop Shri Mohan Darekar.

22 to 24 Feb.

‘Bandish’, International Conference.

Year 2010 - 11

16 July

‘Mukta Sangeet Charchasatra’, A collaborative lec-Dem.

Programme with ‘Ganawardhan’ and Lalit Kala Kendra.

Participated Maestros:

  • Pt. Nayan Ghosh [ Renowned Tabla Maestro]
  • Dr. Ashwini Bhide [Renowned vocalist]
  • Dr. Sanjeev Shede [Renowned Bandishkar]
25 Sept & 26 Sept.

Guru Shishya Parampara Music festival

28 Oct. & 29 Oct.

Shivanand Music festival, Aundh, Satara

2 Feb.

Publication of yearly, Punyaswar and music concert of Jaytirth Miwundi.

6 March

Vocal Music Concert by Pt. Sharad Sathe renown vocalist and guru of Lalit Kala Kendra.

Year 2011-12

22 Aug.

Workshop by Worren Sanders [ International Muscologist]

23 Aug.

Workshop by Pt. Arvind Azad [Renowed Tabla player]

26 Aug.

Workshop by Pt. Suhsini Koratkar [ Renowed Vocalist]

3 Oct.

Workshop by Suva Walters [Australia]

8 Oct.

Publication of ‘Venuvidyan’ a book written by Guru Pt. Keshav Ginde

17 – 18 Oct.

Shivanand Music festival, Aundh, Satara

15 – 16 Feb.

Workshop by Padmabhushan Pt. Rajan and Sajan Mishra

Year 2012 - 13

18 to 20 July

‘Mukta Sangeet Charchasatra’ A collaborative lec-Dem.

Programme with ‘Ganawardhan’ and Lalit Kala Kendra

Participeted Maestros:
  • Pt. Rajan & Sajan Mishra
  • Pt. Vijay Ghate
  • Pt. Kirti Shiledar
11 Aug.

Workshop by Pt. Sushilkumar Jain & Yogesh Samsi

4 Nov.

Shivanand Music festival [Aundh], Satara

22 Feb.

Music Concert by Padma Deshpande

22 to 23 March

Music concert and Workshop by Shruti Sadolikar

Year 2013 -14

12 – 13 July

‘Mukta Sangeet Charchasatra’ A collaborative lec-Dem.

Programme with ‘Ganawardhan’ and Lalit Kala Kendra

Participeted Maestros:
  • Pt. Satyasheel Deshpande [Musicologist]
  • Enok Daniyal [ Musicologist]
  • Pt. Shankar Abhyankar [Renowed ]
7 Aug

Publication of yearly ‘Punyaswar’ a vocal concert by Hrishikesh Badve

14 Aug

‘Swaravarsha’ 24 Oct

24 Oct.

Shivanand Music festival Aundh, Satara.

Colaborative Programme with Sivanand Pratishthan.

Research Activity:

To promote various Research related activities, Bhimsen Joshi Chair encourages Ph.D. students of Lalit Kala Kendra by providing them the opportunity to be in regular contact with eminent Gurus and Artistes of Hindustani Music. Besides, these students are given the best bibliothic and audio-video library facilities. In Lalit Kala Kendra, a suitable atmosphere is created for Research.

Enrolled Research Scholars are-
Shubhangi Bahulikar
Sameer Dublay
Prachi Vaidya

The guidance will be given to students who have completed Masters Degree in Music.

Workshop will be organized for Ph.D. students in March 2014.

Music research Resource centre is being created for research students in music. This centre will help the students to select the topic, writing synopsis, literature survey and make available the books related to research.

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